The Ghostbusters 2 Reference Hidden Inside Disney California Adventure

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Citizen Cane, The Godfather, Casablanca, and Gone With the Wind. Ghostbusters 2 is undoubtedly near the top of the list when you think of the greatest films of all time. Walt Disney Imagineering recognizes this and paid tribute to this cinematic masterpiece inside Julius Katz & Sons on Buena Vista Street inside Disney California Adventure.

A small tag attached to a vintage toaster is where you will find this reference.
Let’s zoom in for a closer look.
“Number one Christmas boutique gift item”
This is an actual quote from Peter Venkman (Bill Murray) in the movie. Can’t remember the scene? Watch the clip below. Venkman says it around the 0:56 mark.
So there you go. Now you can go to sleep at night knowing that a quote from Ghostbusters 2 is a part of a Disney theme park.

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