Trip Report: Ulala! Disneyland Paris Part 1

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Bonjor tout le monde! Guy asked me to share my Disneyland Paris experience and I was more than happy to do so. I decided to take a 3-month trip through Europe, after teaching English in Korea for 1-year. I took this amazing trip with my girlfriend and it was an experience I will never forget. For the first month, we rented an apartment in Paris and lived like a Parisian. Since we were going to be in Paris for an entire month, we both decided to take a day trip to Disneyland Paris. We didn’t visit Walt Disney Studios because we really had no interest in going. Our Disneyland Paris adventure took place on a wet and cold January 24th.

First, let’s take a look inside the park guide.
Map of Disneyland Paris. It is interesting to notice how similar all Disney Parks are laid out.

Even though we didn’t go into Hollywood Studios, here is a look at the map. As you can see, there isn’t much going on in the park. Hopefully the Ratatouille ride will make this park more appealing when it is built.
Here’s a look at the restaurants inside Disneyland Paris. I wasn’t amazed by the restaurant selection at all. My girlfriend and I ate at The Lucky Nugget Salon. The live music was fun to watch while eating but the food was a let down
Here is the front of the program guide.Too bad I didn’t notice that I picked up the French one. 

Here are both Disneyland Paris and Walt Disney Studios schedules. I’m not that much of a show or parade person so we didn’t see any. I was surprised to notice that the parades still went on, even though it was raining.

Here is my Disneyland Paris ticket. Got it for a really great price at the Virgin Mega Store in Paris.
 Entrance to Disneyland Paris is a bit tacky.

Disneyland Hotel is just a stones throw away from the parks. The hotel looks amazing and I would love to stay there one of these days.
The wait times were killer short because we went on a weekday, in the middle of winter, and it was raining on and off all way. One of the advantages of going to Disneyland on a wet and cold day.
Disneyland Paris’s castle is breathtaking! It looks amazing, even in the cloudy weather. The inside is just as amazing (you will get to see pictures of the inside in part 2).

Our first stop was Discoveryland (their Tomorrowland). I do have to say that Discoveryland, from the outside, looks amazing. I loved just walking around looking at the land. My favorite ride in Discoveryland was Space Mountain: Mission 2. Great coaster with lots of detail.

Even though the exterior of Disneyland Paris is amazing to look at, the inside of most rides are not taken care of. As you can see in Star Tours, the inside of this ride was a mess. Things were broken and dirty. This is something that should never be accepted at any Disneyland park. It brought a tear to my eye to see such things.
 Here are some more photos of how unkempt Disneyland Paris is (picture taken from the Captain EO theater). No care at all is going into many of these attractions. Let’s hope that things get fixed and repaired when the parks starts to get some more money.
More pictures and thoughts, about Disneyland Paris, coming in part 2. Please check back soon!

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  1. Cool Post! Shame to see the park is being a bit unloved!

    I am only 2hrs away from this park on the eurostar, I must go soon!

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