Walt Disney World picture book from 1972 – Part 1

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Today I have something that pre-dates my birth by 11 years. It is the book “A pictorial souvenir of Walt Disney World” from 1972. The big has so much content that I will post it in parts. All of these photos can be enlarged by clicking on them.

This cover is absolutely fantastic. I also LOVE the old Walt Disney World logo with the globe mouse in the D. 

WDW was a much smaller place back in the day. Seen here are the Magic Kingdom and it’s two opening day resort hotels. The Contemporary and the Polynesian Village.

The walk-around characters of this era were so fuzzy looking. Did you ever notice that?

Beautiful shot of the entrance. This was much different than Disneyland’s parking lot in front of it’s main gate.

Look in the top right. A glass blower! Imagine going to Walt Disney World and buying a one of a kind souvenir like that. Very cool.

Town square looks very peaceful on this page unlike the mad house it is these days.

Seen here in the top right are the long closed swan boats. A slow leisurely ride around the hub is a great idea, its too bad they didn’t last long.

A great shot of the castle which I’m pretty sure would be impossible to replicate today.
Join me on Friday when I post part 2 of the 1972 Walt Disney World picture book!


  1. Hahahah! Love this. The little girl on the running board of the firetruck in the 1st photo… ME AND my grandfather was the one who set the photo up. NOT for the cover. We had no idea. We went back the following year, I go into trouble somehow and was told to sit and read. I asked to read the souvenir book we picked up and began screaming when I saw it. We'd bought it the day before, grandmother stuck it in her bag without actually looking at it.

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