My Walt Disney World Trip Report From June 2010!

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For today’s update I am re-posting a trip report I originally posted on the MiceChat forums last year. Enjoy!

This trip was amazing for many reasons. First off we were celebrating my BFF Ray’s graduation from college, and second I finally asked my girlfriend of 10 years to marry me! This trip was made even more special by the fact that it was with all of my best friends in the whole world and it was their first time visiting WDW.

Trip stats:
Dates – May 29 to June 5, 2010
Number of people in party – 5
Hotel – Port Orleans Riverside
Parks visited – DHS, DAK, MK, Epcot

For this trip I opted to take more video than pictures. I edited this video so we could remember our trip forever. (It’s a 20 minute video which is a bit long)

On to the pictures!

Day 1

If we look a bit sleepy it’s because we took the red eye flight. We left at 10:30PM (Los Angeles time) and arrived in Orlando at 6AM!

This is the crew. From right to left Jen, Ray, Blaine, Me in the back right and Jaana in front. It was Ray, Blaine, and Jaana’s first time visiting WDW.

After pool time and a few long naps we finished off day 1 with dinner at Citricos.

My choice was swordfish!

This beauty was for dessert. It was delicious but I cant remember what the hell it was called. Banana something.

Citricos is located in the Grand Floridian. I had never been in this hotel before but I can see why they call this a deluxe resort.

This was the hotel we stayed at. Port Orleans Riverside. I love this place!

The hotel grounds are very beautiful.

Day 2

Our first park of the trip was Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

This attraction is great and filled with many wonderful Disney artifacts. I would love to have this in Disneyland or DCA when DHS inevitably gives it the boot.

This was in the prop room before the “backlot” tour. It looks familiar but none of us could remember where its from.

This brought me back to 5th grade.

We left real Hollywood to visit fake Hollywood and found this!

Gaston is the man!

This was my first time seeing the Little Mermaid stage show but I was surprised by the great production values! It’s actually a good show.

Dinner on day 2 was the build your own pasta bar back at our hotel. I’m not sure if each food court has these but it’s the best value for food we saw in all of WDW. It’s $10, they give you and ton, and its delicious!

Day 3

Day 3 brought us to Animal Kingdom. It’s just as beautiful as we remembered from last year.

Everyone loved Everest.

We saw this HILARIOUS picture while walking through one of the trails.

Everyone loved Yak & Yettie. This was one of the best meals we had on the trip.

Day 4

By the time day 4 rolled around everyone was exhausted. We all had to switch from CA to FL time and wake up way earlier than our rock star life styles normally aloud.

Magic Kingdom’s hub is awesome. I love how big it is, and the fact that it is surrounded by a moat.

Jen is not happy about Magic Kingdom’s inferior Pineapple Whip. I agree with her. It’s good, but I got to say Disneyland’s is a lot better. Sorry WDW fans!

I said the same thing last year but I am so freaking jealous that WDW has Country Bear Jamboree. Look at that portrait, I could look at that for years and still laugh.

This Donald decoration is great. By the way, Philharmagic is a great 3d movie. I love the super wide screen they use.

At this point in the day everyone is beyond exhausted. We had ridden everything so we decided to take a couple of laps in the very back of the train to relax for a bit. Jaana, Blaine, Ray and Jen may or may not have fallen asleep during this. But that’s just speculation.

When we got of the train we saw dark storm clouds were rapidly approaching the Magic Kingdom.

Aaaaaand then it rained. At this point I thought that they would cancel the fireworks and ruin my plan to propose to Jen during the fireworks…

I had heard that the line to get into the dessert party could get long. We decided to head over at 7:30.

I know that gluttony is a sin but lord have mercy on us. We are about to stuff our faces.

The excellent staff prepare the amazing desserts we are about to shove down our gullets.

After a short wait our table was ready for us.

I’ll let that speak for itself (and yes it is as good as it looks)

At this point everyone is uncomfortable with the amount of food we have consumed.

So long story short the rain stopped at the last minute and the fireworks went off as planned. I positioned Jen to the front of the balcony and…

busted that ring out right in her face. She said yes!

So after 10 years I finally popped the question.

After the fireworks the park closed and we headed back to the hotel. Mission accomplished!

Day 5
Thursday was a day of rest and relaxation. We slept, ate, played in the pool, slept some more, and then got ourselves ready for our final day in the parks.

Day 6

Unfortunately we missed the Epcot premiere of Captain EO by a month. We still wore our EO gear.

Goodbye HISTA. Please NEVER come back!

This is my arty farty shot of Spaceship Earth.

Mission Space gets a lot of hate but it’s a pretty solid E ticket. And it has Gary Sinise in its pre-show so that makes it even more awesome.

Lunch at Tokyo Dining. Jen and I actually thought this was a downgrade from when we went last year.

Everyone was looking forward to the Grey Goose Slushy in France. It looks like it did not disappoint.

We must have watched the Disney Must Do channel (the one with Stacey <3 ) at least 20 times during the trip. She said to try the pretzel and beer from Germany so Downbeat did!

We finish the night with Illuminations.

And with that our trip comes to an end. The next day we packed our things and headed back to Los Angeles. It truly was an amazing trip, probably the best one I have ever had.

My Flickr page with even more pics from this trip

Thanks for looking at my trip report!

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