Main Street Electrical Parade Farewell Party collectors card!

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The Main Street Electrical Parade farewell party was am amazing event. The entire park was closed to the public and passholders got to enjoy every ride and show with little to no lines! There were also several extras handed out that night. Here is one of them:

The card came is this lovely semi-see through envelope.
The back of the card showed the classic Disneyland logo and for some reason the address. Take a look at that gold seal. Very tasteful!
That card itself is attacked to some beautiful artwork of the entire parade lineup in front of some iconic attractions. Notice the the seal on the card and envelope say “Disneyland Collectors Series II” This is of coarse a continuation of the original Disneyland Collectors Series cards that were given out one a day during the 40th anniversary in 1995. I’m not sure if there were any other cards in series II. 
The MSEP Farewell Party and the Light Magic premiere party marked the end of the full park annual passholder parties and great FREE items like this.

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