Game cards from Disneyland’s Bright Idea Trivia Contest

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On October 17th 1996, Disneyland held a special trivia contest during the Main Street Electrical Parade farewell event. This was back when Disneyland still had exclusives parties for passholders only, when there wasn’t a freaking million of us. One of the special activities offered was the Bright Idea Trivia Contest. The gimmick of the contest was to pick up your first bulb/trivia question at an attraction and the answer will lead you to the next attraction to get another bulb. Me being the gigantic nerd I am, I didn’t turn in any of the bulbs and kept them in a box with all my other Disneyland stuff. I’m not going to lie, I don’t remember what the hell the prize was and Google doesn’t turn up any information on this contest. I guess that makes this a Angry AP exclusive!

Notice the amazing generic clip art light bulb graphic used on the cards!
(The back of the bulbs were all the same)

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