Old Disneyland tickets are better than new Disneyland tickets

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Everyone that has been going to Disneyland for more than 10 years knows that the art shown on the park tickets have gone way down in quality.

The current designs are awful, bland, and uninspired.
But not nearly as bad as the 2001-era tickets. That was when Disneyland had it’s bland new resort logo. Terrible.
Look at how great this is. This ticket is from March 28th, 1987, just 2 days after my 4th birthday. If I remember correctly the 1, 2, 3, etc day tickets each had a different character on them. Classic.
Here is the back of the same ticket. Notice the price.
Going back even further is this taken from my mom’s collection. Ever notice how every Disneyland ticket has always said “unlimited use of all attractions (except shooting galleries)”?
The back of the Family Party ticket. I’m shocked Disneyland ever offered free parking.

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