1996 Walt Disney World Vacation Brochure – Part 2

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Today I’m wrapping up the 1996 WDW vacation brochure!

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So many great publicity photos on one page! Tower of Terror was about two years old at this point and still on it’s god awful first generation drop profile (go to the top, drop, end of ride). Only two former attractions appear on this page, The Spirit of Pocahontas and the recently closed Star Tours.
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Here is the best part of the brochure, the classic park maps! I was lucky enough to have my first visit to Epcot when much of the original park was still intact. The Living Seas, original Universe of Energy, Wonders of Life, original Journey into Imagination, and one of the greatest Disney attractions of all time, Horizons, were all still in operation. I LOVED Epcot when I visited in 1996. But that’s not all! At this point Alien Encounter and Timekeeper were still open in Magic Kingdom at this time. The mid 90’s were certainly a great time to visit Walt Disney World.
I’ll finish up with the back of the brochure. Disney still uses that number to make and change reservations! 

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