What is this New Tomorrowland Coke machine doing in Las Vegas?

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This Coca-Cola machine featuring graphics of the 1998 version of New Tomorrowland was found not in the Disneyland resort area. No, not even in Anaheim or California for that matter. It was found in a GUN RANGE in Las Vegas Nevada! I know what you’re saying, this may not be too far-fetched, Disneyland does advertise to the western USA. But this machine wasn’t seen pre-New Tomorrowland opening, it was seen in 2010! I would love to know the story of how it got all the way out there.
A very special thanks to my good friend Chango for this picture!


  1. I honestly never thought id see this thing again. it was a 2nd or 3rd place contest prize for a contest run. I had entered hoping for the annual pass. I wondered where it got to after we sold it. apparently Nevada.

  2. I've got one. I can sell it for 500. I've checked the notify me box, if you're interested respond and we'll talk. I'm in SoCal, San Diego area.

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