Rare Country Bear Jamboree Mile Long Bar Audio From Walt Disney World

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Destination D23 happened a few weeks ago and one of the most exciting things to come from it was rarely heard Country Bear Jamboree audio from the Mile Long Bar in Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom. If you’re not aware, Mile Long Bar was located next to the Country Bear Theater in Frontierland in the spot currently occupied by Pecos Bill Tall Tale Inn & Cafe. Inside Mile Long Bar were three familiar animatronics from Country Bear Jamboree; Melvin, Buff, and Max! Country Bear Theater exited in to Mile Long Bar and the trio would sing different lyrics to the song at the end of the show that just played inside the theater. Sadly, Magic Kingdom’s Country Bear show was the only one with this feature, and it’s long since been removed. I’ve never heard this audio presented in such a clear way before, and I believe it’s the only time it’s been released officially by Disney.

This post is my contribution to my friend Yuucanium‘s Country Bear Advent Calendar. Be sure to check it out to see some fantastic Country Bear Jamboree content from people.