REVIEW: Country Bear Jamboree Ornament From Walt Disney World

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This post is my contribution to my friend Yuucanium‘s Country Bear Advent Calendar. Be sure to check it out to see some fantastic Country Bear Jamboree content from people. 

Country Bear Jamboree fans received quite a surprise this year. A faithful recreation of the inside and outside of Walt Disney World’s Country Bear Theater in the form of a Christmas ornament! They didn’t cut any corners on this one. The look, feel, and colors are all spot on and it’s definitely a must-buy for all the Counter Bear Jamboree lovers out there. 
Here’s the front of the theater, lovingly recreated down to the smallest detail. They even nailed the look of the marquee. 
There I am in front of the real thing!

As you can see even the ornament is not cheap looking and has authentic colors and textures.

Looks great from any side.

Flip the ornament around and you’ll see the stage featuring many of the bears from the show. My one and only nitpick would be that Trixie is in the wrong spot, but other than that they did a great job with the inside. 
The ornament is currently sold out on but keep checking back for restocks.