Guy’s Disney Vlog – Port Disney in Long Beach California

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When news of Port Disney first broke in 1991 I was excited. I’m talking can’t-stand-still-jumping-up-and-down level of excited. The thought of a Disney theme park in my home town was too much for my 8 year old brain to comprehend. Sure, it was a short 20 minute drive to Disneyland from Long Beach, and I still went to the park almost every week, but this one was going to be ours. It was huge news in Long Beach. Our local paper, Long Beach Press Telegram, covered it frequently. To make a long story short, the project fell apart after a few years. Heartbreaking. It still hurts. Michael Crawford has the go-to article about Port Disney. Jim Hill also has a couple of posts about it. I still live in the area and recently I was the purposed site of Port Disney, which brings us to today’s Disney Vlog:


  1. Just found your blog and I really like what I have read so far. I'll have to come back and spend some more time looking at your past posts!

    I still haven't gotten over the fact that Tokyo got a 4 billion dollar second gate and that same year, we got stuck with a crappy 600 million dollar California Adventure. However, I'm sure even if Port Disney had been built here in the U.S., there was probably no way they were going to spend as much on it as the Japanese were willing to spend on DisneySea. 🙁

  2. Thank you for commenting and I just want to say I *love* your Meet the World blog. I've been a big fan for years. Also I completely agree with you, there's no way the Long Beach project could be as good as Tokyo DisneySea. Even following the progression of the Long Beach DisneySea you can see how much was cut out with each design revision.

  3. Oh, wow….that is so nice to hear! THANK YOU!!!!!!

    Following the progression of WESTCOT and then hearing that it had been changed to DCA was equally frustrating!

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