Quick Recap Of My 2015 Tokyo Disneyland Trip

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I’m back from a trip to Tokyo which included 5 days at Tokyo Disney Resort. Unfortunately I do not have time to write up a lengthy trip report like I did back in October, but I did want to write some quick bullet points and share my pictures.

  • We visited Tokyo Disneyland at an interesting time of the year, it was as the Easter celebration was coming to an end, and the summer celebration was still about a month off. A small 2-week promotion called “Tanabata Days” started about halfway through our trip. Tanabata is a wishing festival in Japan. As usual, Wikipedia explains it much better than I ever will.
  • Speaking of Easter, TDR really goes all out with their Easter stuff. They had a great parade, not just some little cavalcade, but a major parade with huge floats and tons of dancers. There was also a ton of special food and merchandise as well as other seasonal shows.
  • This trip was our last chance to see Tokyo Disneyland before it starts a major expansion later this year, which includes closing, moving, and reopening their version of ‘it’s a small world,’ the closure of the Star Jets, as well as many other changes to their Fantasyland and Tomorrowland. Our friends at TDR Explorer have more information on the expansion. This expansion should modernize TDL’s Fantasyland and give it a much larger footprint, kind of like the Magic Kingdom’s new Fantasyland, but bigger. 
  • DisneySea is still just as grand and spectacular as it was during our first trip. Besides the rides, it’s an easy park to just hang out and relax in. I’d kill to have that be my local park.
  • Also at DisneySea, StormRider will close soon to make way for a new Finding Nemo attraction. I’m not a fan of StormRider, or Port Discovery in general, but I made it a point to ride it several times. I grew to appreciate Port Discovery, and especially Aquatopia, more but I still can’t get with StormRider. It falls flat with me in so many ways, including it not being very much fun, a theme I don’t care about, and overall it’s just not interesting. I’m not saying the Nemo ride (which will basically be an overlay that uses the same building, ride vehicle, etc) will fix any of that, but at least it’ll be new. You can’t see it, but I’m shrugging right now.
  • The kindness of our friends in Tokyo that we finally got to meet in person was wonderful and I’ll never forget how nice they were. My friends and I met up with several people, and others would stop us just to say hello. Thank you to all of you!
  • The response from my friends on social media was also overwhelming. It was a pleasure having everyone follow along and I appreciate every comment, like, favorite, and retweet!
I also uploaded a video of my Tokyo Disney Resort merchandise hail:


  1. I'm so jealous that you got to visit Tokyo (again!). I'm disappointed that I won't get to see the original Tomorrowland, but I understand why they're doing the expansions. Hopefully I'll make it over there someday. They're at the top of my bucket list.

  2. TDL's Tomorrowland is an interesting time capsule in terms of the architecture. In my opinion it shows how well that design still works, especially at the entrance with the original Magic Kingdom-style spires. As of right now they haven't announced any changes to that, just the area with the Starjets and raceway. I hope you get out to Tokyo at some point!

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