Walt Disney World Halloween 2011 Trip Report Part 3

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Final part of my Walt Disney World Halloween 2011 trip report. Click here for part 1 and click here for part 2.
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Day 3 of the trip started out in Animal Kingdom. We got lucky with some perfect weather while at Animal Kingdom. The crowed levels were low too but we didn’t end up staying very long.
We had heard good things about Flame Tree and we weren’t disappointed.
The best thing about Flame Tree Barbecue was the seating area with it’s amazing views.
Because all I think about is food  stopped by Flame Tree Barbecue before doing anything else. I was impressed by the quality of the food but not the price ($8 for a pork sandwich!).
Animal Kingdom has no shortage of amazing little details. I see something new every time I visit. So beautiful.
THIS is the view from a quick service restaurant!
I constantly get fastpasses and then forget I have them. As we were exiting Dinosaur I noticed I had to FPs for Indiana Jones Adventure. Ooops!
Great show. Uncomfortable seats.
Taking some time to relax.
We left Animal Kingdom at 3 PM to go to Magic Kingdom to get a few re-rides in. As the crowds started to increase we did something that we had never had a chance to do in MK (but have done several times at Disneyland). We got some popcorn and sat down to relax and just people watch for a bit. This is one of the most under rated things to do in a Disney theme park. Later that night we returned to Epcot for Dinner and Illuminations.
Uh oh!
Day 4 we woke up to a sight that I’m sure most WDW fans know and hate to see. The Magical Express envelope with your return information. Whenever you see this you know your vacation is almost over!
Tower of Terror
Before spending a full day at Epcot we went to Hollywood Studios to ride Tower of Terror a few times and meet up for a bit with Matt from Studios Central. Also experienced during this portion of the trip was me, yet again, spending way too much time in One Mans Dream.
A fun little gag near the Monster’s Inc meet and greet. Human Relations and Inhuman Relations.
This shows that duct tape can fix anything. Even covering up the original name to a theme park.
Also seen in the Studios. This shirt that clearly shows Disneyland but says Magic Kingdom on it… Come on.
As we were leaving we noticed something that was very cool to see. At the end of the street one of the streetmosphere characters is directing a bunch of people doing a synchronized dance. It was impressive because it went from the entrance of the park all the way down to where the sorcerer’s hat is.
Reflections of China (we were the only ones in the theater)
After spending a few hours at the Studios we jumped on one of the friendship boats to Epcot (which offer great views of the Boardwalk and Yacht/Beach Club resorts, and is very relaxing). I won’t go over everything we did in Epcot but I did make it a point to see Reflections of China because Jennifer and I had never seen it before (it was great!).
A place where some interesting history took place.
I also wanted to show Jennifer where some morbid history had taken place. Did you know that the Journey into Imagination bathroom was the location to one of the most grisly deaths in Disney theme park history? Here is the info from Wikipedia:
“On September 12, 1992, a 37-year old man entered EPCOT Center after park closing and brandished a shotgun at three security guards, demanding to see his ex-girlfriend who worked at the park. He fired four blasts at the guards and took two of them hostage in a restroom near the Journey Into Imagination pavilion. As Orange County sheriff’s deputies surrounded the area, the intruder released his hostages and emerged from the restroom with the shotgun held to his chest. After exchanging words with deputies, he put the gun to his head and fired. The man was pronounced dead on arrival at the Orlando Regional Medical Center. Investigators attributed his actions to a recent breakup with his long-time girlfriend.”
Riding on an empty Monorail from Epcot to the TTC.
Who doesn’t love Ohana!?
After a productive day at Epcot we took the Monorail over to the TTC and then the Polynesian. Maybe i’m just a huge hopeless Disney nerd but these days I get more excited when going to the Poly or Contemporary than I do when going on rides. The best part was that we arrived to the Poly earlier than we needed to so while waiting for our 9:35 PM dinner reservation we sat on the beach and watched the Electric Water Pageant. It was truly a great night.
I eat like an absolute fool at Ohana!
Jennifer shows a bit more constraint at Ohana. She only asks for a couple of chunks of meat from each skewer. Silly girl.
The best part about the ride back to the airport is the video.
After a very uncomfortable Monorail and bus ride back to the hotel I requested a late check out. Sometimes this works and sometimes it does not. This time, to my surprise, the person at the counter asked “What time would you like to check out?” I didn’t want to push my luck and just said noon. The next day we killed time in Downtown Disney until our Magical Express pick up time. At 7 PM we headed back home to Los Angeles after another great WDW trip.

That’s it for my Halloween trip report (sorry it was more food than anything else). Thanks for reading! I will return to normal posting on Friday.

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  1. Now I understand what you were talking about night regarding the t-shirt. Actually, when aboard the Disneyland railroad the announcement says you will enjoy a trip around the magic kingdom. So the name does not refer only to WDW's Magic Kingdom, hence the t-shirt.

    I LOVE the food at Flaming Tree! The baked beans are great! I'm sad this is the end of your report as I love reading all trip reports to Disney. Thanks for sharing.

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