Walt Disney World Postcards From 1975 Part 3

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Part 3 of my vintage Walt Disney World postcards from 1975!
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Again I have to apologize for the image quality, these postcards have sitting in a box for 36 years!
 The Swiss Family Treehouse is looking great in this picture. This is before the surrounding vegetation had a chance to grow around it for 40 years! Amazingly the Treehouse still stands in Walt Disney World. In 1999 Disneyland’s version was converted to Tarzan’s Treehouse. Tokyo Disneyland and Disneyland Paris also have similar versions of Walt Disney World’s. 
 The Jungle Cruise was another opening day attraction at Magic Kingdom. Here you can see the original color scheme for the fleet of boats. The boats were given a more gritty paint job in the early around 2000.
It’s amazing to think that this was all there was to Walt Disney World back in the early seventies. You can Magic Kingdom at the top, Contemporary Resort to the left, Transportation and Ticket Center under it, and the Polynesian Village Resort at the bottom. On the far right you can see the tip of Fort Wilderness. This have certainly changed!
 Here we can see a small sail boat with a Jiminy Cricket head on the sail. Very cool. The Polynesian Resort is still one of Walt Disney World’s most popular and beloved resorts in it’s roster. And with good reason. There is nothing like sitting on the Polynesian beach and watching wishes from accros the Seven Seas Lagoon.
This is a picture of the Fantasy in the Sky fireworks which I have to assume was taken from a pool at the Contemporary Resort, unless this one is totally fabricated by Disney. I don’t know of any hotel pools on property that give you a view like this. Did you know that Fantasy in the Sky ran from 1971 all the way to 2003?! Amazing. A similar show at Disneyland (also called Fantasy in the Sky) ran from 1958 to 2000.


  1. Guy, this was taken from the Poly, at the original pool. The pool was roughly in the same spot as the current one, but "flipped" the other direction. That and the fact that the trees where not very tall back in the 70s. We always stayed at the Poly back then and you could really see so much of the MK. These postcards take me back. Sniff.

  2. No problem. I'm full of useless-to-most-people information! One thing I forgot to mention: it couldn't have been taken from the Contemporary as its original pool was square.

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