Walt Disney World Discovery Guide From 1986

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Today I wanted to show you all one of my favorite vintage Disney brochures in my collection. This is not a guide map but more like one of those pamphlets you would find in a truck stop or hotel lobby. This was printed in 1986. To give that some context it was the year when Country Bear Vacation Hoedown premiered as a seasonal version of the Country Bear Jamboree, The Living Seas opened at EPCOT Center, and construction started on Disney-MGM Studios!
The reason why I love this guide is because it’s so original EPCOT Center-centric. The cover shows Mickey, Minnie, and Pluto in there amazing space suit costumes standing in front of Spaceship Earth.
 Another reason why I love this pamphlet is because its not cheesy like the advertising material of today. If you pick up a brochure for Disneyland or Walt Disney World these days they would be covered in clouds and have the words “Magic” and “Dreams” plastered all over the place. Not this though! It makes it look like adults visiting Walt Disney World is actually acceptable and encouraged (of coarse it is!).
The original and amazing EPCOT Center!
 The left of the page gives a basic rundown of Magic Kingdom’s offerings. On the right you can see the tticketing information. The cost of a one day WDW ticket in 1986 was a very affordable $24.50, which would be around $48 when adjusted for inflation. 
They don’t call it the “Vacation Kingdom of the World” for no reason! This page makes it clear you can have a jam-packed vacation without even going in to the parks!

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