Vintage Walt Disney World Magic Kingdom Pictures From 1991

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Today I’m taking a look at pictures of Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom from 1991!
Main Street USA was looking in 1991. The crowds appear to be pretty decent on that day. 
Notice that three Main Street vehicles can be seen in this picture. I can't even remember the 
last time I’ve seen that many vehicles in the Magic Kingdom!

A young guest jams with the band. 

The Skyway soars over Fantasyland. The color pallet may have slightly changed over the 
years but do you know what the biggest different is between then and now? The strollers! 
You don't any in this normally heavily congested part of the park.

  This unique vantage point show the bride auction scene of Pirates of the Caribbean. Notice the “Wench for a bride” banners are missing from the building behind the auctioneer.
A “re-imagined” version of the Enchanted Tiki Room has replaced the terrible Under 
New Management show but here is the original Tropical Serenade exterior.
  The bears are ready for summer in the Country Bear Jamboree Vacation Hoedown . This version of the show ran in the Magic Kingdom from 1986 to 1992.
The park's original Star Jets fly high above Tomorrowland while Space Mountain is 
seen in the distance.
The Mark IV Monorail (used from the WDW's opening in 1971 until 1991) is seen 
gliding by Space Mountain.

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