More Disneyland Pictures From 1965

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The Mark II Monorail glides by the Matterhorn under the much missed mountain climbers.
 The classic Alice in Wonderland Attraction. Unfortunately this same shot looks much different these days due to the “temporary” safety tarp/scaffolding that was added last year.
Another thing you wont see anymore, the Jungle Cruise skippers firing directly at the hippos. Also take a look at the beautiful original paint job on the boat.
The all time classic Great Moments with Mr Lincoln as it appeared in 1965. 
Disneyland’s City Hall doesn’t look much different these days. What you don’t see in the 1965 picture compared to 2011 is a line out the door of angry customers complaining about such unheard of things like “long lines” and “crowds”
If there’s one thing I love its pictures of old people enjoying Disneyland.

One more of another elderly couple having the time of their lives in Walt’s park.
The Disneyland band marches down a packed Main Street with a horse drawn carriage hot on their tail.

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