Disneyland Today Guide From July 1986

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The Disneyland Today flyers were a lot more beefy back in the 80s. The current Today flyers are flimsy single pieces of paper, but most of the information they offer are still the same. This Disneyland Today comes from July 28 to August 3 1986.

The cover features a great image of Mickey Mouse leading the Disneyland band in front of Sleeping Beauty Castle.
The interesting items to note on this page are the two passports that haven’t been sold in decades. The Summer Night Passport which offered entrance to the park AFTER 5 PM for the Summer months. Not a bad deal at all considering it was only $50 and the park was regularly opened till midnight or later! The other one is the very strange Three-Season Passport which offered unlimited entrance during May, September, and January. The guide says these months are “when the crowds are down” Times have certainly changed! Those months are packed these days!
1986 continued the Gift Giver Extrodinare Machine promotion that was started the previous year during the 30th anniversary celebration. This promotion was supposedly created by Jack Lindquist himself and proved to be one of the parks most popular promotions of all time. It’s amazing that Disneyland gave away free cars and airline tickets (and park tickets, food merchandise, and much more) every day for well over a year and a half!
Look at all the great entertainment offered during the summer of 1986! There was no shortage of non-attractions things to do. There were 4 parades scheduled for that day! Whens the last time you saw that. Also seen is a packed schedule at the Plaza Gardens and Tomorrowland Terrace. Plus the long extinct Sword in the Stone ceremony, Great Gold Mystery of Bear Country (which, correct me if I’m wrong, was only offered one summer), Bear Country How-Down, and the much missed Tahitian Terrace. Take special note that the legendary Golden Horseshoe Revue was still around in 1986. It is my biggest Disney regret that I never got to experience this show.
The final page featured an add for the classic 80s movie Flight of the Navigator!
Friday’s post will feature the guide map that came with this so be sure to check back!

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