Revisiting EPCOT Center’s Future World in 1983

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EPCOT Center was stunning back in the early 80s. This was before bulky outdoor vending carts and DVC Kiosks littered the grounds of the park. All pictures in this post were scanned from the book “Walt Disney World: A Pictorial Souvenir” from 1983!

The entrance plaza. The current version of this area is a definite downgrade.
Universe of Energy. It’s easy to forget just how large this building is until you see it in pictures like this. 
The primeval diorama from Universe of Energy.
World of Motion. Notice above the queue you can clearly see the GM corporate lounge. It’s hard to believe that GM has remained the sponsor for this pavilion (now Test Track) for almost 30 years!
 The famous “world’s first traffic jam” scene from World of Motion.

A couple of well-dressed gentlemen (they look like rich Texas oil tycoons to me) take a look at one of the GM exhibits in the post-show.
The exterior of The Land pavilion looking beautiful at sunset.
Kitchen Kabaret
Here’s one for you Imagination fans. This page of the book was too good to break up in to separate pictures.

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