Remembering EPCOT Center’s CommuniCore

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EPCOT Center’s CommuniCore (short for Community Core) was the original version of what we know now as Innoventions
This picture is from shortly after the park opened. It looks much better than it does today.
The Astuter Computer Review will forever hold the honor of being the first attraction ever removed from Epcot. This was before my time but most of the old timers acknowledge this as one of the worst Disney attractions ever (Superstar Limo would like to have a word with you). The theme song was written by the legendary Sherman Brothers, but it’s surprisingly terrible. Click here to download it (right click > save as).

The blue robot in this picture was called SMRT-1. Guests could ask him questions and then he would respond. The two children in this picture look VERY excited don’t they?

This game was called Taxi Driver. The game taught people about fuel consumption and conservation.  It was found at the Energy Exchange.

The Electronic Forum’s News Center is where guests could stay up-to-date with news from around the world. I’m sure the phones at this station did a great job of spreading germs to thousands of people every day.

I don’t have much info on this exhibit. From what I can gather is that the various parts were animated and it represented the evolution of communication.

The “Fountain of Information”

This globe sat at the entrance to Travel Port and displayed pictures from countries around the world.

At the Travel Port stations guests could select a country and find out information and statistics.
In early 1994, CommuniCore closed forever and was replaced by Innoventions. It lost its timeless logo, got a splash of new ugly lime green paint, and some hideous decorations. 

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