Club 33 Keepsakes

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Club 33 does have some lovely free items you can take home to remember your trip.

After you arrive at the park and check in at the guest relations window located outside of Disney California Adventure you will be given your complimentary 1-day park hopper.
You will then be given an information card that lists the club’s various polices.
This cocktail napkin is given to you when you order a drink from the bar.
This napkin is located inside of the bathroom. I took a few for keepsakes. 
Each person is given their own mint when the bill arrives.
This pen is also sent with the bill. You can keep it it for free and feel free to ask for extra ones for the other members in your party.
This one you do have to pay for. It is located inside the merchandise cabinet near the bathroom and cost $20. 
ProTip: Disneyland hat embroidery locations will not embroider these mouse ears.

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