1983 Walt Disney World Photos From Unique Vantage Points

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How about some Walt Disney World photos from vantage points that a normal person wouldn’t normally see? These photos are large so click on them to enjoy the full size.

This looks like it was taken from that little island near the middle of the Seven Seas Lagoon. 

Nice aerial shot of the front of Magic Kingdom. Notice the fabulous spires of the old Tomorrowland entrance.

A very early shot of Epcot. The park is only a couple of years old at this point. You can see the unfinished building for Horizons on the left and the plot of land on the right that would eventually become the Living Seas.

A beautiful night shot of the World Showcase

I love this evening picture of Future World because you can see the old fountain in front of Imagination and the steel framework of Horizons in the distance. This looks like it could have been taken from the very top of the Imagination building. 

Great shot of Epcot Center with Cinderella castle and the Contemporary Resort in the distance.

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