A Visit to The Walt Disney Family Museum

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A couple of weeks ago my wife and I spent the day exploring the incredible Walt Disney Family Museum in San Francisco California. Overall it’s a must visit for any serious Disney fan. The museum is the most comprehensive and tasteful presentation of Walt Disney ever offered to the public and one could easily spend days soaking it all in. The exhibits are presented chronologically by decade, starting with Walt’s birth in 1901, up to his death in 1966. Along the way there are hundreds of artifacts from Walt’s personal life and professional career, including actual cells used for the classic Disney animated features, and a massive model of the idealized version of Disneyland.

For your enjoyment, I uploaded this video and over 100 photos of the museum on Flickr.


  1. I went to the museum last year too….it was my first (and only) visit. We planned our whole day out ahead of time and figured we would only spend a couple hours at the museum. We ended up being in there for 6 hours! They were closing as we exited, so we didn't even get to see the separate Mary Blair or Marc Davis exhibits! 🙁

  2. I hope they bring back the Mary Blair exhibit at some point. It was wonderful. I also ended up spending over 6 hours in the museum, it's amazing how fast time moved while I was in there.

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