Mr. Smee Disney Theme Park Costume Character Card From 1977

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You’re a big Disney fan. You’re about to go on a hot date and need something to wear. You look around your room and in your closet for something special to impress the man or woman you’re trying to spend time with. A collared shirt? No, not fancy enough. A suit? Nope, what are you James Bond? A nice dress? Pssh, hell no, not good enough. Your heart races as your eyes scan all your clothing items. You see your Mr. Smee costume that formally was used inside Disney theme parks in the 70s. PERFECT! But wait! You have your costume but you have no idea how to put it on, how to clean it, or what height you need to be. Luckily for you I’m here to help. Today I present to you the character card for Mr. Smee. This was used by Disney cast members in 1977 to make sure that their costume was up to the standards set by the company.

Here you get a little character information, height requirement and cleaning information. You can also see how to actually put the thing on (socks first!).

Your date is over. Everything went great and he or she was *very* impressed with your Mr. Smee costume. But now you’re back home and ready to remove the costume. Luckily this side of the card details the proper removal, storage, and cleaning protocols. Congrats on your successful date. You two make a cute couple and I’m sure you’ll go far.

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