So I’m Disney Vlogging Now

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You may know that I do videos for TouringPlan’s YouTube page but did you know that recently I started doing Disney vlogs on my personal YouTube channel??? Of course you didn’t know that, why would you. Anyway check out my YouTube channel. Here’s a little sampling of some of the Disney-related videos I’ve been uploaded this month.

Guy’s Disney Vlog #6 – Orange Bird Things
In my latest video blog I talk about some recent Orange Bird merchandise pickups.

Guy’s Disney Vlog #5 – Up Close With Disneyland’s Ernest S Marsh Train
Yes, that’s right, I get up close with one of Disneyland’s trains! The highlight of this was getting able to pull the trains whistle.

Guy’s Disney Vlog #4 – Adventureland Merchandise Adventure
There was so much great Adventureland merchandise released at Disneyland that I made a special trip just to pick it up. This video chronicles my adventure.

Guy’s Disney Vlog #2 – Redemption is a 30 year old EPCOT food box
In this vlog I talk about this super rad chunk of 80s EPCOT Center ephemera.

You get the idea. I also have video up about my retro video game pickups, arcade machines, and more. I’ll be posting new videos regularly so be sure to check it out and hit that subscribe button. Oh and don’t worry, I’ll be back with a real blog post soon.

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