Short Docmentary: “The Disneyland Locals”

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If you were to ask me what is the biggest difference between Disneyland and any other Disney park in the world, I would tell you: the local scene. This is something you won’t see at any other Disney park in the world. Most of the people that you see at Disneyland are local passholders.This Disneyland local scene started to boom in the mid 90’s.There was a documentary, of sorts, that was created to give people a glimpse into the 90’s Disneyland local scene.

I would like everyone to know that I don’t condole anything these individuals did in the video. However, it’s pretty awesome to see 90’s Tomorrowland and how much of a transformation it has gone through. Also, these videos are NSFW.

If you want to learn a bit more of this 90’s Disneyland local scene, here is an article from the Examiner that gives some more details. After revisiting these videos and reading about the Disneyland locals it really reminds me of the shift that social media has made on Disneyland culture. It is so much easier for people to meet-up and hangout at Disneyland. This sort of Disneyland local scene is coming back in the form of social clubs. I won’t comment on how I personally feel about these social club,s but I foresee Disneyland derezzing these social clubs out of the parks sooner rather than later.

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