Disneyland 1986 Entertainment Guide

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I love Disneyland items like this because they aren’t very noteworthy and certainly not valuable but they do offer a look at what an average day in the parks looked like decades ago. 
The front of the guide shows a great looking Disneyland ’86 logo. Notice the dates at the bottom show that this was used January 1 to 4, 1986. This was the year of the very successful Gift Giver Extraordinaire Machine promotion (previously discussed in this post).
Second page shows parking and ticket information. This was just 2 years after ticket books were phased out in favor of general admission passports. Notice the price of a one day adult ticket was only $16.50 (which is about $33 with inflation in 2011). The annual pass is only $109.95 (around $220 in 2011)!
Entertainment overview of the park. The legendary Golden Horseshoe Revue was running strong. Take a look at all the random entertainment on the far right that could be seen during the day! These kind of shows have gone down in numbers throughout the years (especially in Walt Disney World). Interesting to note that the bands at Tomorrowland Terrace started and ended a lot earlier in 1986. These days the bands start playing around 6 PM and their last performance starts about a half hour before the park closes. 
The right shows some of the items that can be won during the Gift Giver Extrodinare Machine promotion.I still have my Bear Country pin that i won somewhere around my house, I’ll post it if I ever find it. On the right is a Disney movie that I frankly have never heard of (it’s getting a respectable 56% on Rotten Tomatoes).
That’s all for this time, see you on Monday. Keep an eye on my Flickr feed as I post daily Disneyland pictures to there.

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